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Fulham Football Club has been in existence for 138 years. A curious fact is that despite so many years of history and having had good times in the English football elite, no Brazilian-born player had played for the club. But on the last day of the transfer window for the 2016/17 season, Lucas Piazon from São Paulo was announced as a reinforcer and ended up becoming the first Brazilian to wear the Cottager shirt.

And recently, Fulham FC Brasil, responsible for bringing information and news from Fulham in Portuguese, got an exclusive interview with Piazon. That is, the main page related to Fulham in Brazil interviewing the first Brazilian player to play in the club.

Lucas Domingues Piazon, 23, is the result of the São Paulo Academy. After being featured in some tournaments among the youngsters of the team from São Paulo and also with the divisions of base of the Brazilian National Team, Piazon was signed by Chelsea in 2011, at age 17. In 2012, he was voted Chelsea's Young Player of the Year. He made his Premier League debut in December 2012, winning the Blues over Aston Villa 8-0, giving an assist to a Ramires goal. However, in January 2013, the player's loan cycle began: Malága (Spain), Vitesse (Netherlands), Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany) and Reading, until reaching Fulham. The striker signed for only six months, but in January of this year, Piazon renewed with Fulham until the end of the current season.

Signing of contract extension with Whites (source: twitter.com/lucaspiazon)
As a form of recognition to those who accompany us on social networks, we request through our Facebook and Twitter pages that our followers participate in the interview by sending us questions. Of the amount sent to us, five were chosen and included in the interview. In order not to leave the chat very extensive, we chose to include them along with those that were already in the script. Therefore, the questions that were asked by the followers will be underlined and will be accompanied by the name of the person in charge.

Fulham FC Brazil: By signing with Fulham, you became the first Brazilian to wear the cottager shirt. Was this fact known to you before you signed it or did you know it after being advertised as a reinforcement? How does it feel to know that you have entered the history of the club for this reason? (Noah Niall - https://www.facebook.com/noah.niall)

Lucas Piazon: So I did not know that I would be the first Brazilian to wear Fulham's shirt. 10, 20 years ago it was difficult for a Brazilian to come and play in England and I feel happy. It's a cool curiosity to tell in the future.

FFC Brazil: Your arrival at Craven Cottage in the deadline day was a surprise to many fans, as their hiring had not been speculated previously, as happens when rumors arise. Has the negotiation with the club been happening days before, or did everything happen even on the last day? What made you choose to play for Fulham? (@ Charlie_nico11)

LP: It ended up being on the very same day, on the 30th, everything very fast. Fulham has always been a team that has always attracted my attention since coming to England.

FFC Brazil: You ended up leaving Brazil very young, when you were still pointed with a promise from São Paulo. Why did you choose to go to Europe so early? Have you ever regretted making that choice?

LP: I never regret that decision and I took it because I thought it was the best thing to do. I do not regret it, quite the contrary, I'm very happy at Fulham.

FFC Brazil: Have you had any proposals to return to Brazilian football? If so, what made you continue playing in Europe?

LP: No firm proposal, but I do not even want to do it now.

FFC Brazil: Although you have arrived very young to Europe, you have already run through some countries. In recent interviews, you expressed your dissatisfaction with so many loans and the willingness to stabilize on some team. Do you believe that now, at Fulham, is the ideal time for this?

LP: I would honestly love to continue here.

His celebrations, always with a lot of intensity (fonte: fulhamfc.com)
FFC Brazil: You have played games for the main leagues in the world, such as BBVA, Bundesliga, Eredivisie and know the Premier League, even without having a run for Chelsea. What are the differences, in the style of play, in the structures and in general, of playing in these competitions when compared to Championship? And outside the four lines, what are the main differences of culture and conviviality in the five different countries that you played for? (@RicardoORamalho)

LP: Spain, Brazil and Holland have a similar style. Game in Spain is very tactical, not as frigid as here in England. Here and in Germany a little more is required in the sense of force, delivery. You have to be at your best every game.

FFC Brazil: How is being living in London again? What points do you like the most in the city?

LP: Reading is on the London side so I was always here, my favorite part is where I really live, between Fulham and Chelsea.

FFC Brazil: Coach Slavisa Jokanovic has been playing his highly praised style this season, even by supporters and coaches. What is it like to work under your command and adapt to this style?

LP: His playing style is offensive, work the ball, stay with the ball, swap passes and create chances. Perfect for a Brazilian.

FFC Brazil: The team has been making many goals, but also losing many opportunities. For the first time since he fell, he struggles to climb. What's missing for the team to be more consistent and get good results in sequence?

LP: It is normal to lose some chances when you create a lot. In recent games the team has been very focused on both defense and attack and this is what we need to be strong in both areas.

FFC Brazil: And how is the relationship with the other players in the cast? Who is the most outgoing and introverted player? Who's your best friend in the squad? Boa sorte! (@FulhamJason)

LP: Most outgoing is Kevin Mcdonald, no doubt. The quietest one is Ryan Sessegnon and with whom I approached a lot in recent weeks was Michael Madl.

Lucas Piazon aalongside defender Michael Madl (fonte: instagram.com/lpiazon)

FFC Brazil: Even with little time, you have already won the affection of the fans with their good performances and goals scored. Of all the clubs you've been on loan, is it in Fulham that you've reached your best performances? (Pedro Henrique - https://www.facebook.com/pedrohckruger)

LP: You could say that. In the Netherlands I had a big highlight as well, but here I think I'm getting more regular.

FFC Brazil: And finally, the question we get most from the fans who collaborated with the interview: Do you intend to continue at Fulham in 2017/18, regardless of the final result of the current season?

LP: The end result of this season would be just one detail in that decision. I would like to stay regardless of going up this year or not.

FFC Brasil: Lucas, here is our most sincere thanks for giving us this interview. We were extremely happy to interview the first Brazilian to wear the Fulham shirt and, like most of the fans, we hope their story at Craven Cottage continues for many seasons. A big hug and leave a message for the fans:

LP: Thanks for the fans and to accompany Fulham there from Brazil. I'm going to tell the people here about the club about your work and I think they will like to know that in Brazil there is a little bit of us too.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Lucas Piazon for his willingness to give us this interview; To Fabiano de Souza (@fabianodesouza), his press advisor, who greeted us very gently, always very solicitous and was responsible for mediating our conversation with the player; To Matheus Schenk (@matheuschenk), a former blog contributor who answered our request and helped us with the interview, and finally thank all the followers who accompanied us and collaborated by sending us questions.

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